Phifer Sheerweave Performance+ 2390 5% Open


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Sheerweave Performance Plus takes the performance of a traditional sheerweave fabric "plus" the highly reflective properties of a metalization and combines them to acheive the ultimate in sun control protection.

Available in all 10 Styles 2390 colors including the new V32 Charcoal/Alpaca, Sheerweave Performance +is currently offered in 5% open (style 2390) and 3% open (Style 2410).

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Price: $0.00
P13 Oyster/Biege
P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray
Q20 Biege
Q21 Biege/Pearl Gray
V20 Pearl gray
V32 Charcoal/Alpaca
V21 Charcoal
V22 Charcoal/Gray
V24 Charcoal/Chestnut
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Price: $0.00