Phifer Sheerweave 2701 1% Open


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Made of vinyl-coated fiberglass yarns,

Styles 2701 1% open, 2703 3% open, 2705 5% open and 2710 10% open

Styles 2701, 2703, 2705 and 2710 are woven in a unique twill pattern that displaces the individual yarns to create a two-sided fabric for maximum performance in heat reduction, glare reduction and improved visibility.

All fabrics in the 2700 series have been certified by GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Children and Schools for air quality.

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P12 Olyster
P13 Oyster/Biege
P14 Oyster/Pearl Gray
P91 Oyster/Pewster
P92 Oyster/Chestnut

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