Outdoor Shade Accessories

Outdoor Clutches (External Use)

outdoor clutchIntroducing the finest outdoor-use roller shade clutch on the market. Approved and warranted for outdoor use. The industries only manual clutch system specifically designed and fully warranted for outdoor use. Special stainless steel internals provide peace-of-mind- in wet or humid applications that previously provoked fear. RollEase Outdoor Clutches are ideal for extremely humid or any location where water may be a concern. Outdoor clutches may be used on outdoor awnings for side sunlight protection, gazebos, decks, outdoor living areas, yachts, RV's and more.

Outdoor Aluminum Cassette System now available, click here for more information
Cable Guided Outdoor System(outdoor shades only)

cable guidedThe Cable-Guided Outdoor System allows you to secure the bottom of your roller shade on an outside installation. A guided cable is attached to the top of the Rollux system and runs vertically along the side of the roller shade. This system can be attached to a wall, window frame or floor depending on the installation.

Shade clutch system is outdoor-approved and should be only combined with outdoor fabrics. Shade openness varies and effects the performance of this product in high wind conditions. This product is not warranted against wind damage; shades must be pulled up in windy conditions.