Child Safety

Child Safety Information

The standard safety device for bead chain loops complies with the WCMA-ANSI provisional standard, every window shade fabricated by The Solar Shade Store includes this safety device, product safety labels, and safety hang tags which warn of the dangers associated with cord loops. This safety information must remain on the product at the time of installation.

What are the requirements for window coverings operated with
Among other requirements, the Safety Standards indicate that a cord tension device should be attached to the cord or bead loop. Manufacturers are required to design, place, and ship the tension device so that -- “unless properly installed or altered from the shipping condition with sequential process or tools, it prevents the window covering from operating.” When not properly installed, the tension device must “at least partially prevent the lift system from moving the window covering through lowering and raising.” (Section 6.5.1 and 6.5.2). Therefore, the Safety Standards would, for example, preclude the use of a P-Clip which does not even have to be installed.