About Us

Welcome to the solar shade store, your premier source for the most technically perfect shades you can buy today. After years and years of servicing our local market we realized the quality of product available online was far inferior to what we were making and installing locally.

What we offer is the same professional grade of shades we sell and install ourselves. We use all Rollease brand clutch systems, our competitors use generic, the smallest diameter shade tube we use is 1 ½ inch, some of our competitors are using less then 1in, certainly not the way you build something to last.

And, all no more difficult to install then any other shade. Better hardware, Better parts, Better hems, Better tubes, more valance and cornice options, 5 day turn around, expert help and customer service all for about the same price you would pay else ware.

We proudly sell the best brands know for quality and durability, Phifer Mermet, Coulisse,

Most of our shade fabrics are made here in the United States, and all our production takes place locally in the US as well.

We are located in Miami, Florida all our shades are Made in the USA.