Roman Shades Price Group 3

Roman shades are fabricated with Rollease® Easy Lift System; fabric falls from the front of the headrail.
This clutch requires a lower pull force making the shade feel lighter. Shades can be set at any position and easily controlled manually.
This system prevents shades from raising unevenly. Roman shades are made with the revolutionary new "No Sew Bars" for added strength and durability.

Roman shade folds are approximately 7 inches meeting the guidelines established by the WCMA/CPSC for safety; bottom fold may vary depending on the shade length.

Standard style Roman Shades are fabricated with fabric falling from the front of the shade which stacks like a decorative valance when pulled up. Headrail components are housed in a low profile headrail made of sturdy aluminum.

Roman shades are fabricated with a continuous cord loop.